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Manitoba Travel Insurance

Nothing ruins a vacation more than an illness, injury or theft. Travel insurance can cover the costs of medical treatment that aren’t covered by your provincial health plan when you travel out of province or out of the country. Travel insurance can also cover costs associated with coming home from your trip early, or cancelling before you leave, as well as covering lost luggage or theft while travelling.

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance protecting you from certain financial losses and risks such as delayed baggage, trip cancellation, and medical emergencies that may occur while you are travelling. It’s also called travel health insurance, or travel medical insurance.

Aside from financial protection, another significant benefit of travel medical insurance is providing you access to assistance services such as arranging medical treatment in case of an emergency, and monitoring your care. 

Travel insurance is worth every penny because it gives you peace of mind while away from home.

Not all travel insurance plans are the same. The benefits you receive can vary depending on the plan that you choose. Our brokers can help you pick a plan that has the benefits and protection you need and works on your budget.

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If you are planning a trip, give us a visit or a call and we’ll help you purchase a plan before you leave. Buy now online through one of our trusted partners:

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Travel Insurance for visitors to Canada

We are happy to provide medical insurance for your Super Visa application.

Super Visa insurance

Super Visa insurance is a type of insurance that allows your parents or grandparents to stay with you in Canada. It allows a Canadian citizen to bring their parents or grandparents living outside of the country into Canada to start the process of becoming permanent Canadian citizens.

This insurance can also pay for health care, hospital stays, prescription drugs, and repatriation. It typically provides $10,000 to $1 million in coverage. 

Visitors to Canada insurance

This type of insurance is for those planning to visit Canada, whether for school, work, leisure, or just to spend time with a family member living here.

The coverage of this visitor insurance includes emergency hospital and medical care, access to emergency assistance, and dental costs in a sudden accident or illness.

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Super Visa Visitor to Canada Insurance

Canadian Super Visas are available to the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, allowing them to visit for up to two years at a time over a 10-year period. Private health insurance is one of the requirements for Super Visa visitors to Canada. Knight Archer Insurance provides options for insurance coverage for your parent or grandparent for eligible emergency medical expenses, extended healthcare expenses (including physician, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and prescription drug costs), dental accidents, and more. 

Visitor to Canada Insurance

Tourists travelling to Canada should make sure they are covered in case of a medical emergency before embarking on their travels. Unexpected medical bills—including hospital stays, prescription medications, and other emergency costs—can add up, costing tourists thousands of dollars. Purchasing Visitors to Canada Health Insurance through Knight Archer Insurance can ensure your visit is free from the stress and cost caused by unexpected illness or injury.

Blue Cross Visitors to Canada Insurance
Group Medical Services
Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Insurance
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Who should get travel insurance?

Travel insurance provides many valuable benefits. Here are some situations where you should consider purchasing travel insurance:

  • Canadians who are leaving their home province on a short or long term trip
  • Tourists from another country visiting Canada
  • International workers
  • Foreign students
  • Returning Canadians
  • Those who are awaiting provincial health coverage 
  • Those who are applying for a Super Visa

Insurance companies that we work with to find you the best travel insurance:

The importance of travel insurance

If you plan on taking a trip, getting travel insurance is important. Travel insurance usually covers travel risks, medical risks, and even flight disruptions. If you are unsure whether you need travel insurance, there are many potential trip hazards to consider, such as:

  • Travel delays
  • Medical emergencies
  • Trip cancellation
  • Lost luggage
  • Missed connections

Any of these can be expensive to deal with and having travel insurance means you won’t be paying for them all on your own.

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What travel insurance covers in Manitoba

Manitoba travel insurance plans generally include the most common and important types of coverage.

Medical insurance

If you are travelling with a health condition, you may be liable for any medical treatment costs without travel insurance in the event of a flare up or emergency. Travel insurance helps you provide coverage for your pre-existing stable condition to help you access emergency care when you are away from home.

In several countries, medical care for foreigners is costly. So, make sure to have coverage for unexpected medical expenses wherever and whenever you travel.

AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment insurance)

Another significant benefit of travel insurance is the coverage for accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D). 

This coverage is just like the kind AD&D benefits you would have in a life insurance policy. Upon purchase of travel insurance, you will name your beneficiary or it may be payable to the Estate if a beneficiary is not listed. This person would receive all benefits paid by the travel insurance provider in the event of dismemberment or, worse, your death while travelling. The benefits paid by your travel insurance provider will be on top of any benefits which are also paid by any life insurance policy that you have.

If you wish to include AD&D in your travel insurance package, ensure that the coverage amount you set is what you feel is most appropriate for your needs and your beneficiary. 

In addition to this coverage amount, you can choose to add special riders such as:

  • Hazardous Activities Rider which offers coverage if your injury happens while you’re participating in any sports adventure, which travel insurance usually doesn’t cover.

Baggage coverage

If your luggage gets lost or stolen while travelling, baggage loss coverage may provide reimbursement up to a specified dollar limit for your lost items. This coverage is usually secondary. This means that it is supplementary to any reimbursements offered by the carrier or by homeowner’s insurance.

Another benefit is the baggage delay coverage allowing you to buy any essential items you need for your comfort while waiting for delayed baggage to arrive. Like baggage loss coverage, this is also secondary coverage to any benefits that the carrier provides you. It generally becomes active once your baggage has been delayed for a specific period, usually from 12 to 24 hours. This depends on the insurance plan you purchase.

Trip interruption/cancellation

There are some cases where trips are cancelled due to illness or an emergency. If this happens, your travel insurance policy may cover costs including non-refundable items, airline tickets, hotel bookings, resort bookings, and tickets for various attractions and destinations.

Trips can also be cancelled if there are natural disasters, wars, or riots. Take note that insurance can also cover costs of returning home if your trip is cancelled partway through your trip.

What travel insurance in Manitoba does not cover

Remember that travel insurance won’t cover everything. Take a look at some of the things which are not covered under Manitoba travel insurance:

  • Non-emergency medical cases, such as minor illnesses like common colds or routine doctor visits
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Travelling against medical advisory
  • Intoxication

Your broker can walk you through your policies, exclusions and coverage so you’re well informed.

The cost of travel insurance in Manitoba

The cost of travel insurance depends on the type of insurance you get. Is it only for you? Or for the whole family? Other factors include age, trip length, and whether the insured person is taking medication.

Cost depends on how much coverage you want and if you add any extra coverage for riskier activities you may be planning to engage in.

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Factors that affect the cost of travel insurance

Travel insurance cost varies depending on three main factors: age, length of trip, and health condition.


Age is one of the main factors determining the cost of travel insurance. Older travelers have a higher risk of developing health issues, so the cost of travel insurance rises with age. 

Length of trip

Another factor affecting the cost of travel insurance is the length of the trip. The longer the trip, the greater the risk that something may happen.

Health conditions

If you have pre-existing health conditions, travel insurance costs are higher due to the associated risks of requiring treatment. Medical care expenses overseas, emergency medical transportation benefits, and travel delays due to health conditions affect this cost. 

Optional coverage

The cost of travel insurance can increase if coverage includes baggage loss/delay coverage, trip cancellation and other special riders.

Submitting a travel insurance claim

If you need to submit a travel insurance claim, just call the 1-800 number you’ll be provided with your policy. It’s important you get in touch with your travel assistance provider as soon as possible when you need to make a claim as coverage can depend on your particular circumstances. 

Get a travel insurance quote

All policies from travel insurance companies have varying packages, specific benefits and coverages, exclusions, and conditions. Our brokers will help you find the right travel insurance to fit your needs. Get a free quote from us today.

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Travel Insurance FAQs

Will I be covered for COVID-19?

If your policy does not have any exclusions for COVID-19 then yes, you will be covered for COVID-19 if you become ill while travelling, as long as there is no travel advisory in place for your destination.

If there are many cases in the destination area, and you were advised not to go to that area before your travel, but you still go, then you won’t have coverage. This is subject to change, so confirm with your insurance providers.

What is the deductible for travel insurance?

Depending on which insurance company you have your coverage placed with, there may be many options available. You can select a zero deductible option as well. You select your deductible when purchasing your policy. 

Can I modify my travel insurance if my travel dates change or my trip is cancelled?

In case of a date change, you can typically make modifications to your travel policy before the original effective date.

How can I extend my coverage period when I am away?

You can extend your coverage period by directly contacting your broker at Knight Archer Insurance and we can help you extend your trip.

Am I covered for sporting activities when I travel?

You may be covered depending on the type of sport. Sports packages are also available for an additional premium when you travel, which can include other high-risk activities such as scuba diving or parasailing.

If you plan to do high-risk activities, you may need to purchase additional coverage due to its increased risk versus the risk of regular day-to-day activities.

Why do I need travel insurance when I have provincial health care coverage in Canada?

While you may be covered for some health services in other provinces with your provincial health care coverage, additional medical services like ambulances and hospital transfers are not covered outside the province. If you want to be completely protected, you need travel insurance even when travelling within Canada.

What if I get sick while travelling and have my vehicle with me?

If you get sick while traveling and can no longer drive your car back, your policy can also offer an emergency medical evacuation to transport you and facilitate the return of your vehicle.

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