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Tenant Insurance

While landlords have insurance, those packages only cover buildings. As a renter, you need to make sure your belongings are protected from damage or loss. Knight Archer Insurance offers tenant insurance that covers everything from electronics to furniture and jewellery to clothing. Contact us for a quote, and let us worry about the details so you don’t have to.

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Tenant insurance

Tenant insurance also known as renters insurance, offers peace of mind that helps protect your valuable possessions when damage is caused to them by perils or losses like fire, theft, and water escape.

Coverage is also provided for third-party liability that protects you in the event you are at fault for damages to property you do not own. If the building experiences water damage due to your  actions, you could be held responsible for paying the costs of the damages to the landlord and other tenants impacted.

A tenant policy also provides valuable additional living expense benefits which can cover the added costs of meals or staying in a hotel when your home is inhabitable due to a loss such as fire or water damage. 

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Who should get tenant insurance?

If your landlord requires insurance, it is a necessary step before moving in. Not all landlords will require this type of insurance to move into an apartment though. But, if you are renting a place long-term, you should consider getting tenant insurance to cover your belongings. This will save you hassle and ensure protection over your personal items in case something out of your control happens to the place you live. 

You should get tenant insurance if:

  • Your landlord requires you to carry this form of coverage
  • You’re a long-term renter
  • You have personal items that you would want replaced if there was a loss
  • You don’t want to pay out of pocket for damages you are found liable for in common areas or other units 
  • If you want to be protected from damage and unexpected additional living expenses

What tenant insurance can do for you

You should consider getting renters insurance if you’re worried about your personal belongings being damaged or destroyed. Insurance is the best way for you to afford repairs or replacements for whatever has been damaged. Without this insurance, you are responsible for all of your own items, even if the damage is caused by something outside of your control. 

Tenant insurance also helps to protect from high legal costs that can arise when you are liable for unintentionally or accidentally causing damage to someone else’s property within the building. It also can provide coverage for unexpected living costs should you require temporary living arrangements if a claim forces you out of your home.

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