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Commercial Property Insurance

As a business owner, you’ve come to expect the unexpected. Whether your business is in a professional, trades, service, manufacturing, or retail sector, you know that insuring your commercial property is essential to protecting your livelihood. Contact Knight Archer Insurance today to find the best coverage at the lowest price for your needs.

What is commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance can protect you against Hazards to your Property, Loss of Income and Mechanical Equipment failure.

Hazards is coverage for events that can cause damage to your building or property. 

Business property coverage plays an important role in your overall commercial insurance plan. Commercial insurance protects your business property from potential perils such as fire, theft, and natural disasters. We all know the weather can get a little wild here!

Commercial property insurance includes coverage for buildings and their contents, as well as special provisions for specific situations that would be outlined in your policy. Every commercial property policy is different so you require a plan that is unique to your business. 

Commercial insurance often has additional or supplemental protections called "endorsements" which are added on when necessary. These endorsements to provide coverage for property or incidents that may not have been covered with the basic Commercial property policy.

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Who should get commercial property insurance?

All business owners concerned with protecting their Building, Stock and Equipment should purchase commercial property insurance coverage. 

Commercial property insurance can also protect business owners against loss of income, Equipment Breakdown, Employee Theft, and many other coverages. Third Party Liability coverage also needs to be purchased. 

You can discuss which plan is most suitable for you with one of our account executives before determining which type and how much coverage you require for your business.

Commercial Property coverages and General Liability Coverage should be bought together.

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Do you have enough coverage? Let’s find out.