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Leadership Team

Tracy Archer

Tracy Archer she/her

President and CEO

Tracy has been actively working in the insurance industry for more than 20 years, with more than twelve of those in management. She has sat on many boards of directors throughout the industry as well as being named one of the top 45 2020 Elite Women in the Canadian insurance industry by Insurance Business Canada magazine. Outside of work she has been a driving member of the Brighter Futures for Children event committee where she helps raise money for children’s programming in Regina. She also has two young daughters who are involved in a lot of activities to keep them all busy.

Lillian Schweitzer

Lillian Schweitzer she/her

Chief Financial Officer

Lillian is a senior leader in finance and operations with over 35 years of experience. She provides successful financial stewardship, overseeing all aspects of financial reporting and regulatory compliance as well as operational leadership in the day-to-day functions of Knight Archer. She is a Certified Professional Accountant and has volunteered time on the CPA board and committees, among many others. As a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Aromatherapist, she strives to reduce stress in everyone around her. She also loves spending family time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Steve Demchuk

Steve Demchuk he/him

Chief Operating Officer

Steve supports the entire Knight Archer organization in his role and enjoys being involved in all the operations and divisions we have. He has his Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation as well as many years of management and project management experience to bring both education and experience to his role. Outside of work his kids keep him busy, and he also enjoys keeping active with swimming, biking, running, and SCUBA diving.

Suzanne Cairns

Suzanne Cairns she/her

Executive Vice President of Insurance Operations

Suzanne is responsible for the oversight of the Motor License Issuing, Personal Lines, Commercial and Life, and Group divisions at Knight Archer. She has her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation as well as a long history of roles in insurance from client-facing sales to mentorship, support, and leadership. When not at work she loves to travel with her family.

Joe Acquah

Joe Acquah he/him

VP, Technology

Joe handles all aspects of IT and technology for all 17 Knight Archer locations. He earned his marketing diploma from SIAST and has years of experience in desktop support and as a senior service desk manager. Joe has two kids who keep him very busy outside of work and he coaches soccer and flag football as well as playing soccer himself.

Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston she/her

VP, Marketing & Business Development

Sarah is responsible for the oversight of the Marketing and Corporate Business Development for all of Knight Archer Insurance. Sarah has been working in the insurance industry for more than 20 years, with a long history of roles in insurance leadership. She has her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) and Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designations. When not at work she enjoys volunteering in her community, on many industry related boards, and loves to travel with her family.

Robyn Kitamura

Robyn Kitamura she/her

Director of Human Resources

Robyn is passionate about building meaningful relationships and leans on her customer service and hospitality experience to make that happen. She is a forever student who will never be finished learning and is always happy to add more letters behind her name – whether that’s as a Registered Professional Recruiter, Chartered Professional in Human Resources, or her Masters’ Degree (which she hopes to finish soon). When not focusing her energy on the relationships at Knight Archer, or studying, she enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband watching NBA games.

Commercial Business

Stefan Arnason

Stefan Arnason he/him

VP, Commercial Lines

Stefan has over 45 years of industry experience as well as his Chartered Insurance Professional and Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designations. In his role he mentors and leads the Commercial Account executives and offers them guidance to ensure everything runs smoothly. His family keeps him busy outside of work, and in any spare time he enjoys riding his motorcycle, curling, and travel.

Ken Domm

Ken Domm he/him

Director of Commercial Operations

Ken oversees our commercial brokers and commercial operations in his role. He’s been working in the insurance industry for over 20 years and uses his depth of experience to ensure our commercial clients can always get exactly what they need. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and their dog.


Branch Operations

Cathie McDonald

Cathie McDonald she/her

Director of Learning

Cathie has been building her career with Knight Archer for more than twenty years and has held multiple positions with us including selling insurance, being a team leader, and a branch manager. In her current position she enjoys the challenge of constantly increasing her knowledge as well as helping others train and learn. She has completed both her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation among many other certifications. When not at work, she loves to travel and spend time with family and friends.

Ted Kent

Ted Kent he/him

Director of Innovation and Special Projects

Ted spends a lot of his time at Knight Archer looking for opportunities to make life easier for our clients through innovation. He enhances digital operations with a solutions focus and leads special project that impact clients, insurance providers, and our team. He has been a branch manager as well as the Director of Digital Branch Operations and has his Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation as well as a Canadian Security Course and Financial Planning 2 certificate. He loves to travel with his wife and find new lakes in Saskatchewan to take his fishing kayak out on.

Tim Kealey

Tim Kealey he/him

Director of Branch Operations

Tim is a seasoned management professional with over 25 years of experience before he entered the insurance industry. He majored in finance at the University of Regina and has completed both the Canadian Securities Course and his Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation. When not at work he loves to travel, cook, play outdoor sports, and keep his dog entertained.

Vaughn Hutchinson

Vaughn Hutchinson he/him

Director of Agriculture

Vaughn is responsible for the continued growth and training of all of Knight Archer’s account executives as well as making sure that our agriculture clients are well looked after and protected. He has been a team leader in the agriculture and small business insurance industry for several years and is a level 2 Accredited Insurance Broker as well as a licensed pilot with his commercial aviation license. He has an active family and they enjoy training and riding horses together on their farm.

Life & Group

Ashish Mahajan

Ashish Mahajan he/him

Assistant Director Life and Group Benefits

Ashish loves working with clients, and in his years with Knight Archer has developed a strong appreciation for the dedicated team he works with. He is extremely detail-oriented and enjoys diving into the specifics of his work as well as living up to the values of the company. Outside of work he is major foodie and broadens his horizons through travel.

Regina, Saskatchewan Branches

Blaine Chrest

Blaine Chrest he/him

Branch Manager – Regina - Rochdale and Acre 21

Blaine is dedicated to his work as a branch manager and enjoys the daily challenges of working with his team and clients. He has his Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker Designation and a family that keeps him busy. He loves to golf, coach hockey, and how his kids always keep him on the go.

Brett Estey

Brett Estey he/him

Branch Manager – Regina - Victoria Ave.

Brett started at Knight Archer as a personal lines broker before he moved up to take over as a branch manager. In that role he oversees the day-to-day operations including supporting staff and making life easier for clients. He has a Bachelor of Arts with distinction as well as being a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker – achieving Honours in that. He is heavily involved in local sports including being a big fan, coaching youth football and baseball with the Ranch Ehrlo Youth Sports Venture and as a secretary for the Regina Riot football team.

Candace Lange

Candace Lange she/her

Branch Manager – Regina - Grasslands

Candace has had many roles with Knight Archer including licence issuing, a customer service representative, an account executive, and now as branch manager. In her role she makes sure that the wheels don’t fall off the bus as she keeps staff trained, monitors daily operations, and helps staff and clients. She’s currently working toward both her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation as well as her Chartered Insurance Professional designation. She loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Lisa Grieves

Lisa Grieves she/her

Supervisor of Motor Licensing – Regina - Rochdale

Lisa has an extensive background in management with a specialty in customer service. In her role she trains and supervises motor license issuers, does ongoing learning, keeps the front end of the business running and reinforces best practices that make sure clients are happy. She loves to do her best to make sure that everyone is meeting client needs. When not at work she loves to go camping and cycling.

Amy Cudmore

Amy Cudmore she/her

Customer Service Specialist Supervisor - Regina - Victoria Ave.

Amy is not only a Customer Service Specialist Supervisor at Knight Archer, but also trains our front-line staff, is a notary public, and takes on many other roles on top of that. She spent twelve years in management before coming to us for a new challenge. Amy has a son and daughter and loves spending time with them as well as reading and going for walks.

Kim Hoftyzer

Kim Hoftyzer she/her

Customer Service Specialist Supervisor - Regina - Grasslands

Kim oversees her team and does her best to help them be as successful as they can. She trains, oversees their transactions to ensure that everything is done correctly and with great customer service, and celebrates their achievements. She also does a lot of paperwork. In her free time she volunteers at the Hungarian Club and loves spending time with her family and friends, especially on the swing in her backyard.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Branches

Mohammed Moe Ghanameh

Mohammed Moe Ghanameh he/him

Branch Manager - Saskatoon 8th Street and Meadows Parkway

Mohammed (also called Moe) joined the Knight Archer team as a personal line broker, then quickly moved up to become a branch manager. He has his Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker level 2 designation so far and is working to further his education in that. He loves all types of sports and plays soccer and flag football regularly and goes snowboarding in the winter as well as volunteering his time with the Open Door Society.

Humboldt / Lake Lenore / Muenster,
Saskatchewan Branches

Tasha Lipinski

Tasha Lipinski she/her

Branch Manager – Humboldt Main, Westwood, Lake Lenore, Muenster

Tasha has been working in insurance for many years doing everything from Customer Support Specialist to working as a rep to being an account executive before moving to her current role as a branch manager. She is working on her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker Designation and enjoys volunteering at events sponsored by Knight Archer and for her daughter’s soccer team and the local ski club. In the summer you’re most likely to find her camping or hitting the links, and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Janet Szautner

Janet Szautner she/her

Customer Support Specialist Supervisor - Humboldt Main St.

Janet spends her days helping clients with their questions and transactions as well as training new staff and whatever else comes up that she can help with. She has her Fundamentals of Insurance, Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation, as well as Customer Service for Insurance Professionals certificate. She volunteers with the Carlton Trail and Ski Club and Arts Humboldt but also just likes to be at home with her husband and dogs.

Winnipeg, Manitoba Branch

Laurie Friesen

Laurie Friesen she/her

Branch Manager - Winnipeg

Laurie helps with almost everything at the Winnipeg branch of Knight Archer, but her goal is always to give clients and staff the best, most positive atmosphere every single day. She is a level 3 broker and has set her sights on her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation for the near future. She’s been working in insurance for more than 30 years and loves to bring all that experience forward when helping her team be the best, most knowledgeable, and kindest they can be. She spends a lot of time in hockey rinks when not at work and loves to go on long walks with her thankful dog.



Melissa Bass

Melissa Bass she/her

Director of Accounting

Melissa works with her team to ensure that all accounting across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba is accurate and detailed. Her team also ensures that the facilities that Knight Archer works in are all safe, efficient, and functional as well. She is a Certified Professional Accountant with over 20 years of experience in accounting at various levels. She enjoys spending times with family and friends outside of work, especially going camping and having fun outdoors.

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