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Farm Insurance

Agro Insurance - Farming and ranching aren’t just your business—they are a way of life. We provide Agro insurance to cover not only your home and belongings, but also your outbuildings, liability needs, machinery, equipment, tools, livestock, and farm income and expenses.

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Why choose Knight Archer for Farm Insurance?

Service, strength and stability. Knight Archer has been protecting policyholders for 30 years. Our exceptional strength and outstanding claims service give you the security of knowing we will be there to meet your needs in the event of a covered loss.

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Types of farm insurance coverage

Every year farming gets more complex. As the machinery gets more hi-tech and the business gets more sophisticated insurance becomes more essential.  

Farms come with particular risks and each farm has different challenges. Our brokers can help you determine the kind of coverage you need to protect your property and your family. And they understand the specialized insurance available.

Why you need farm insurance

Farm insurance is essential to anyone who owns or operates farmland, farm property, or farm equipment. This type of insurance can cover anyone whose property includes dairy farms, poultry farms, crop farms, and more. 

If the following is true for you, it’s vital that you have farm insurance: 

  • Your farm is a business or your full-time job
  • Your homeowner’s insurance does not cover your farm property

In these instances, farm insurance is essential, but if not, other factors could mean farm insurance is less crucial.

Basically, if your farm is paying for the bulk of your bills, you need to have it insured to protect your livelihood. 

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Do you have enough coverage? Let’s find out.