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Saskatchewan Farm Insurance

Agro Insurance - Farming and ranching aren’t just your business—they are a way of life. We provide Agro insurance to cover not only your home and belongings, but also your outbuildings, liability needs, machinery, equipment, tools, livestock, and farm income and expenses. 

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Why choose Knight Archer for Farm Insurance?

Service, strength and stability. Knight Archer has been protecting policyholders for 40 years. Our exceptional strength and outstanding claims service give you the security of knowing we will be there to meet your needs in the event of a covered loss.

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Types of farm insurance coverage

Every year farming gets more complex. As the machinery gets more hi-tech and the business gets more sophisticated insurance becomes more essential.  

Farms come with particular risks and each farm has different challenges. Our brokers can help you determine the kind of coverage you need to protect your property and your family. And they understand the specialized insurance available.

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Hail Insurance

Our dedicated hail insurance team will help find the best crop hail insurance for your needs. The process is painless, and we will walk you through your options.

From the comfort of your farm you can get a quote on hail insurance, whether you want to insure your crop, your property, or both.

We partner with some of Western Canada’s most trusted crop hail insurance providers, like Palliser Insurance & Co-op Hail. You also gain access to some of the largest networks of adjusters for great service when it really matters.

Hail insurance can be a key part of your risk mitigation strategy as a Saskatchewan farm owner. It offers a form of protection from an unpredictable natural event that can lead to devastating property damage and expensive repairs.

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Why hail insurance is important

Hail may be one of a farmer’s greatest risks because it is so unpredicatble. The Canadian Crop Hail Association (CCHA) reported near-record claims for farmers across Western Canada in 2021 despite a decrease in overall storm activity.

Insurance companies that we work with to find you the best farm and hail insurance:

Why you need farm insurance

Farm insurance is essential to anyone who owns or operates farmland, farm property, or farm equipment. This type of insurance can cover anyone whose property includes dairy farms, poultry farms, crop farms, and more. 


Whether you run a large farming operation or you own a piece of land and bin, our Farm Insurance Specialists will work with you to find and customize the coverage you need.


The importance of farm insurance

Agriculture insurance is essential for anyone who farms as their primary business. Like homeowner’s insurance or car insurance that specifically covers your unique home or vehicle, farm insurance does the same thing. 

Farms come with particular risks that can be very expensive, and each farm has varying levels of operation and different specialties that come with different risks. For example, a dairy farm needs one kind of specialized insurance, while a grain farm needs another. Our brokers can help you determine the kind of coverage you need to protect your property and your family.

What farm insurance covers in Saskatchewan

Agro insurance in Saskatchewan covers a wide range of operations and farm property, including: 

  • Hail damage
  • Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Produce
  • Loss of income
  • Home & contents
  • Outbuildings
  • Liability 

It’s our goal to get you the right insurance for your farm and our brokers can help you find it for your type of operations, property, buildings, and more.

What hail insurance does not cover

While hail insurance covers a few different weather conditions such as wind, lightning, and fire, it will not cover additional weather-related instances such as drought, excess moisture, or sudden frost. 

Hail insurance cannot cover sudden changes in the prices of crops, which can impact a farmer’s livelihood. 

Crop hail insurance is different from crop insurance, which covers the loss of crops due to natural occurrences like those listed above. 

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The cost of farm insurance in Saskatchewan

Farm property insurance costs can vary depending on your claims history, type of operations, and what’s on your property, buildings, and more.

Factors impacting the cost of farm insurance

You can expect the cost of your agro insurance to vary based on different factors, which can increase or decrease your yearly costs. 

Generally, these factors can impact the cost of your farm insurance: 

  • Residence
  • Farm structures
  • Liability coverages
  • Equipment values
  • Heating Types
  • Previous claims

Any one of these factors can either increase or decrease your coverage cost for your farm. Overall, the type of farming operation that you run can increase your coverage costs. Elements like livestock, equipment, and machinery can cause additional charges, as these are items that need extra coverage. 

Factors that can increase the cost of farm insurance 

Residence, farm structures, liability, and previous claims can increase the cost of your farm insurance.  

The structures, machinery and outbuildings that exist on your farm’s property can also increase your policy cost. Every shed, barn, and greenhouse tacks on extra charges, as there is simply more to cover with your policy.

There are also liability coverages.  Liability on a farm policy can protect you from those things that no one expects to happen. Property damage and bodily injury are things that can happen when you least expect it to happen. Liability premiums are determined by how many acres of land you own. Liability can protect you in the event of things such as crop spray drift onto your neighbors fields or burning crop stubble in your field and the fire gets away and burns down your neighbors yard, digging a rock out of your field and hitting a buried power line to name a few.

Any previous claims and the size and type of claims also play a factor in increased farm insurance rates. These are determined by the companies on a case by case basis when more than one claim occurs within a 5 year span.

Some farms also need extra coverages for special circumstances, including: 

  • Windmills
  • Silos
  • Bees

Every insurance company is a bit different but, in most cases, you will need to consider the added cost of insuring the circumstances above.

Factors that can decrease the cost of farm insurance 

Residence, farm structures, liability, and previous claims can increase your insurance costs, but they can also decrease them in certain ways as well. 

A larger residence on your farmland with more complex construction will cost more on your policy, while a smaller home with fewer stories MAY cost you less.

However this is not always the case. A smaller home with a wood stove or wood boiler heat may cost you more than the bigger newer home due to a surcharge.


Just as smaller homes MAY cost less to insure, so MAY smaller and fewer farm structures. Again this will depend on age of the building and construction as well as type of heating if they are heated. 


Many insurance companies will also offer discounts based on the following:

  • Credit score
  • Safety measures
  • Loyalty

You may also decrease your insurance costs by applying extra safety measures on your farm and staying with the same company over a long period.

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Submitting a farm insurance claim with Knight Archer

Filing and submitting a farm insurance claim is simple with us. There’s no need to set up a meeting in the office; you can just give your broker a call and let them know that you need to make a claim.

From there, your broker will handle the rest. They will call the company and file on your behalf, and you will hear from an adjuster shortly after that. Meanwhile, we will be there every step of the way to serve as a mediator as needed. 

No matter what type of farming you do or the size of your operation, we can help you understand your coverage and maintain control over your policy. 

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