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Mobile home insurance

Mobile home insurance is a type of homeowners insurance specifically for mobile homes. It can also be called manufactured home insurance.

A mobile home is a prefabricated residence that includes living space and the means to transport it. This means that mobile homes can be moved from one location to another.

An insurance policy for mobile homes provides coverage for physical damage as well as contents of the home, and many policies also come with an endorsement for personal liability coverage in case someone gets injured in your property.

Mobile home insurance policies work just like a regular home insurance policy.


Seasonal home insurance

Seasonal home insurance is the type of coverage you can purchase for just a specific time of year or season. It is also known as seasonal homeowner insurance, seasonal property insurance, seasonal cabin insurance, or lake home insurance. This type of coverage can be used for your lake home, cabin, or any other kind of seasonal property.

You need this coverage to protect your seasonal property against physical damage and liability. 

A seasonal property policy typically costs less than a standard annual policy because it only covers the period for which it is purchased - typically between six to eight months out of the year.

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Who should get mobile home insurance?

Homeowners, tenants, and landlords need to consider purchasing home insurance for mobile homes.

If you’re the homeowner, then you want to be protected against any possible damage or accidents that may happen to your mobile home.

If you’re a tenant, it can be a bit difficult to get mobile home insurance because your landlord might not be willing to add additional coverage to their policy. In this case, it’s worth talking to a broker to see what your options are so that your belongings can still be protected.

If you own a mobile home, or rent one, mobile home insurance should be a consideration so that you can be covered for liability or physical damage.

Who should get seasonal home insurance?

If you have a seasonal home like a summer or winter cabin, your mortgage company will typically require summer home coverage on the property.  

This protects their interests and your interests in the event of any disastrous loss.

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