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Health Insurance

Health insurance plans provide supplementary coverage to what government health programs provide. If you don’t have access to coverage under a group benefits plan, or you’re losing coverage, an individual health plan can provide access to coverage for prescription drug, dental, hospital, vision, paramedical and ambulance services.

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Personal health insurance

Personal health insurance plans provide supplemental coverage on items provincial health coverage doesn't cover, such as prescription medications, vision care, dental care, hospital, paramedical services like a chiropractor, and ambulance services.

Personal health insurance is vital in the event of an accident or illness — which can cause significant financial loss without coverage. It's also crucial to get coverage if you're losing your employer's health policy. That way, you can ensure continued coverage for dental care, prescriptions, and other wellness measures like massages.

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Who should get personal health care?

If you're no longer a dependent, or you are losing your employer based coverage, g don't have coverage through a work health plan, or want more coverage than your employer provides, purchasing private healthcare coverage is an excellent option.

What's covered depends on your home province, so it's worth clarifying before you decide to purchase insurance or not.

What personal health insurance can do for you

Canada's government insurance covers basic medical needs, but anything extra is an out-of-pocket expense unless you have personal insurance. With private coverage, you protect yourself and your family from gaps in government plans.

Given rising healthcare costs, this can be important for avoiding devastating financial blows should you or a family member need transport to the hospital, prescription medications, or paramedical care.

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