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Personal health insurance

Personal health insurance plans provide supplemental coverage on items provincial health coverage doesn't cover, such as prescription medications, vision care, dental care, hospital, paramedical services like a chiropractor, and ambulance services.

Personal health insurance is vital in the event of an accident or illness — which can cause significant financial loss without coverage. It's also crucial to get coverage if you're losing your employer's health policy. That way, you can ensure continued coverage for dental care, prescriptions, and other wellness measures like massages.

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Buying private health insurance in Alberta doesn't have to be difficult. Contact us to discuss your options and receive a free quote. We can help you find private coverage that fits all your health care and budget needs.

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Who should get personal health care?

If you're no longer a dependent, or you are losing your employer based coverage, g don't have coverage through a work health plan, or want more coverage than your employer provides, purchasing private healthcare coverage is an excellent option.

You may also opt to purchase private medical insurance if you're a new resident of Alberta. New residents are not eligible for a government health policy until the first day of their third month of residence, though their home province may cover them until then.

What's covered depends on your home province, so it's worth clarifying before you decide to purchase insurance or not.

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What personal health insurance can do for you

Canada's government insurance covers basic medical needs, but anything extra is an out-of-pocket expense unless you have personal insurance. With private coverage, you protect yourself and your family from gaps in government plans.

Given rising healthcare costs, this can be important for avoiding devastating financial blows should you or a family member need transport to the hospital, prescription medications, or paramedical care.

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What personal health insurance covers in Alberta

Personal insurance in Alberta helps you cover the gaps in government plans. What's covered will depend on the supplemental insurance provider and plan you choose, but in general, supplemental insurance covers the following:

  • Ambulance fees
  • Eyewear
  • Dental care
  • Hospital care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Hearing aids
  • Massage
  • Chiropractor visits

On top of that, private insurance can help with various medical expenses such as prosthetics and physiotherapy. You can also purchase optional additional coverage for travel, whether it's for business or vacation. Travel insurance can help in the event of a medical emergency or trip cancellation.

What personal health insurance doesn’t cover in Alberta

Before purchasing supplemental insurance, it's important to note what it doesn't cover too. Again, coverage from personal insurance varies depending on the policy you choose, but in general, supplemental plans won't cover substance abuse programs or participation in certain professional sports.

For example, if you're an avid scuba diver or bungee jumper, your private insurance may not cover you in the event of an accident. It also won't cover you if you operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Private medical and dental coverage may not cover pre-existing conditions either. That's why it's crucial to purchase supplemental insurance before you get sick, if possible. Gaining coverage with a pre-existing condition isn't out of the question, but it's typically associated with higher premiums and lower limits of coverage.

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The cost of health insurance in Alberta

Supplemental coverage above and beyond what the government provides is crucial for many Canadians, but the perceived cost leads many to go without it. However, the cost of insurance in Alberta might not be as high as you think.

And, paying for supplemental coverage now can save you and your family from financial problems later on. The last thing you want is to have to decide between covering household expenses and paying for necessary medical treatments.

Factors that affect the cost of health insurance

Several factors affect the cost of private coverage, such as age and medical history. The cost also depends on how much coverage you need.

That's why it's best to get a personal quote from Knight Archer Insurance Brokers. We can tell you exactly what supplemental coverage will cost based on your unique needs.

Factors that increase the cost of health insurance

The cost of private coverage goes up with age. So if you're older, you'll notice higher premiums. However, age isn't the only factor.

Private insurance also takes your current health condition into account. For example, if you smoke or are overweight, your premium will be higher.

In many cases, private coverage providers also look at your medical history and any pre-existing conditions. You may have to complete a health questionnaire or undergo a medical examination. If they discover certain risk factors, it could increase the cost of coverage.

In addition, the cost to provide services varies by location, which can change the price of your supplemental coverage.

The number of claims you've filed in the past could be taken into account as well. If you've made frequent claims on prior insurance policies, your premium may be higher than if you did not.

But perhaps the biggest factor that can increase cost is the amount of coverage you need. All health and dental insurance plans pay for at least a portion of expenses associated with covered services, but what's covered will vary from plan to plan.

Plans with broader coverage cost more than those with less. So, if you need a plan that covers specialist visits, vision, dental, and prescription drug costs more comprehensively, it may cost more upfront. However, comprehensive plans like that could save you in the long run.

What appears to be a more affordable plan due to a low premium could lead to higher out-of-pocket costs. Again, talking to a Knight Archer Insurance broker can help you weigh these pros and cons.

Factors that decrease the cost of health insurance

In the same way, certain factors increase the cost of health coverage, other factors can lower it.

If you're younger and in good health, your premium will likely be lower than average. The same goes if you live in an area where the cost to provide services is relatively low. And, if you have no pre-existing conditions and have filed few (if any) claims in the past, you can expect a lower premium.

Again, though, the biggest cost factor has to do with the amount of coverage you need. There are several low-cost plans available for those with fewer health risks or concerns.

It's important to note, however, that plans with lower upfront costs won't cover as much as more comprehensive options. So, while your premium may be affordable, you may run into higher out-of-pocket expenses should you need a higher level of care.

That's why working with an insurance broker  is the best way to choose an insurance plan. We can help assess what you need and point you in the right direction. 

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Submitting a health insurance claim with Knight Archer

Health insurance can be confusing, and many wonder how going through an insurance broker works. If you need to submit a claim, do you go through your insurance or your broker?

Most insurance providers have a website or call center that you can use to submit a claim. Online options usually walk you through submitting a claim step-by-step, but for more complicated situations, users can call in and discuss their claim with a provider's representative.

In rare cases, you may decide to call your insurance broker to submit a claim, and we're happy to help. But often it's simpler to go directly to your insurance provider.

If you're covered by both a group plan through your employer and personal insurance, things get slightly more complicated. In that case, the group plan will typically payout first, so you'd submit the claim to them. If they leave any amount unpaid, you can submit it to your personal insurance.

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If you prefer in-person or over the phone, you can always chat with one of our account executives on which policy is right for you and your home.

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Health Insurance FAQs


Yes, you can keep the coverage you have when coming off a work plan using a conversion plan. A conversion plan provides much of the coverage you had with your work and eliminates any waiting periods. So, you experience a smooth and seamless transition. 

However, it's important to note that your conversion plan probably won't provide the same level of coverage that your work plan had. For example, you may have enjoyed 100% coverage for routine dental treatments through your work plan, while a conversion plan may cover only 80%.

You also have the option of opting for a new plan entirely. However, a new plan may not cover pre-existing conditions that your work plan and a subsequent conversion plan would. Talking to an insurance broker can help you determine your best option. We can help you decide between a new plan or a conversion plan for health coverage. 

Standard supplemental health insurance doesn't always cover travel, but you can add travel insurance, including out-of-country options. Travel insurance may do more than cover medical expenses during a business trip or vacation; it can also cover unexpected trip cancellations. 

Some policies may even allow you to choose different limits on your travel insurance plan. An insurance broker can help you determine the ideal limit, given your itinerary and needs.

Canada's health legislation doesn't include eye or dental care, which means your provincial health card won't cover you for routine dentist or optometrist visits. 

Currently, supplemental private health insurance is the only way to gain coverage in these areas. Since most Canadians agree that seeing a dentist and optometrist routinely is vital, not optional, personal insurance is popular and necessary. Working with an insurance broker, you can find coverage to meet your exact dental and optical needs. 

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