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Do you have a family or people who rely on you financially? If a death occurs how will that impact their lives? At Knight Archer Insurance we can help you take care of the people who matter the most by offering full life, long term care, critical illness and disability insurance. We’ll help you determine how much coverage is enough and let you select the best premiums from our partners.

Ensuring quality of life means more than just life insurance

As modern living affords us longer life spans, the risks to your family's financial future include more than just a risk of untimely death. Statistically speaking, it is far more probably to encounter an illness that has a profound effect on your health and may result in a period of disability. As a result, insurance coverages such as disability or critical illness insurance could offer an important benefit to your financial stability.

This potential reality can be particularly relevant for the growing number of Canadians who work on short-term contracts or are self-employed and, as a result, do not have the kind of disability or sick leave benefits that accompany traditional employment arrangements.

Ask about available options to make sure you have the best protection to cover you and your family.


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