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Slow Down for Flashing Lights

There are new lighting schemes for roadside assistance vehicles in Saskatchewan.

SGI announced a new law that permits flashing blue lights tow trucks and other vehicles giving assistance at roadside.

These lights will be in addition to the amber lights currently used.

The blue lights will allow tow trucks to be seen from greater distances, particularly in bad weather.

If you see flashing blue and amber lights, slow to 60 km/hr. "Operators of tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles put their lives on the line to help stranded motorists," Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) Joe Hargrave said.

The blue and amber lights on tow trucks will be similar to the blue and amber lights used on snow ploughs.

There are fines for passing tow trucks. When lights are on, exceeding the limit by even 10 km/hr can result in a fine of $210.

So if you see flashing blue lights, slow to 60km/hr.

The law took effect over the May long weekend, in conjunction with a public awareness campaign.


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