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Beekeepers Group Insurance

Program Overview

Knight Archer Insurance is offering a unique insurance program tailored to the needs of the beekeeping industry.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Member of the Saskatchewan Beekeepers' Association
  • Minimum of 2 employees, including the owner

Coverage Options


Basic: 80% co-insurance

  • cleanings
  • checkups
  • extractions
  • fillings
  • denture repair
  • root canals
  • gum treatment

Major: 50% co-insurance

  • bridges
  • crowns
  • dentures

Combined Max:

  • $1,000 combined max/calendar year
  • Hospital: semi or private room
  • Prescribed Drugs: $2,000 per year max (80% coinsurance)
  • Pay Direct Drug Card
  • Paramedical Practitioners: $350/calendar year (Massage, Chiro, Physio)
  • Out of Country Travel: 100%, 30 day duration, 5M in coverage
  • Second Opinion Consult
  • Eye Exams: $50/2 years
  • Private Duty Nursing: $5,000/3 calendar years
  • Medical Equipment: various maximums depending on equipment
  • Diabetic Equipment and Supplies: unlimited
  • Hearing Aids: $500/5 calendar years
  • Orthotics: $250/calendar year

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