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Smart Water Detection and Protection Insurance Discount Program

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Program Overview

Receive a 10% discount on your home insurance with the installation of an Eddy Home IQ Meter and H20 sensors. This system intelligently detects abnormal water usage patterns and moistures and can automatically shut off the supply of water in your house to minimize water damage. Knight Archer is SGI Canada's exclusive partner for this discount program.

Elegibility Requirements

  • Homeowner
  • Policy with SGI Canada/Coachman Insurance


Installation is free.

Monthly cost is $20 per month. With the 10% discount availabe, the Eddy Home will pay for itself based on an annual home policy value of $2400 per year or more.

How to sign up:

Request an savings assessment online using the form below. We will provide you with the expected savings on your insurance policy. If you decide to add the protection to your policy, we coordinate the installation of your Eddy Home device with a qualified installer and add the discount to your policy.

Watch how the Eddy Home can save you money on your insurance and help you avoid a major water-related loss in your home.

Learn more about the Eddy Home


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