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Distracted Driving Getting Worse, Not Better

Distracted driving is getting worse, even as the laws are tightening and public education campaigns are in full gear.

In Saskatchewan, SGI reported distracted driving offences were at an all-time high in November 2017, and is now the Number 1 cause of collisions and injuries on Saskatchewan roads.

Police reported a whopping 636 distracted driving offences in November, 554 of which were related to cellphone use.

Motorists have also noticed that cellphone use is getting worse.

According to a recent CAA survey, more than four out of five Canadians (83%) believe texting while driving is a bigger problem today than it was three years ago.

Texting and driving is now tied with drunk driving as the Number 1 road safety concern among Canadians.

Drivers are as much as 23 times more likely to get into a collision when they text and drive, but Canadians don’t seem to be getting the message.


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